Apr 27 2014



Ants in the grass
Ants in my hair
Ants at high tea
Ant queen
Ant males/sterile females
Ants form armies
Ants farm
Ants flicked off my journal
Ant paranoia
Ant deception
Ants build rafts
Ants in this poem
Ant love
Ants love aphids
Ant hate
Ants hate rain
Ants never sleep.
Ants float.
Wasps dive bomb.


7 Responses to Ants
  1. B. Alejo says:

    The rearview mirror meets my left eye

    with concern of Israelites in Egypt,

    “Bull, when I married your momma”

    and the Grand Canyon grows in my stomach

    Men had only forgotten hats

    on the coffee tables, and named George Rogers

    “when I married your momma,

    I married you too.”

    -James B. Golden

  2. B. Alejo says:

    I close my eyes, tight as the blind

    Breathe in momma breath, and

    pull out her heart, hold it to my face

    kiss it over and over in the final moments,

    lay on her chest,praying for one more

    beat, to say

    thank you

    thank you


    -James B. Golden

  3. M Lopez says:

    then loved
    was I hated
    or just forgotten
    if I love again
    it can happen
    that old sad feeling
    of abandonment

  4. Tony Mora says:

    Didn’t want a battle,
    Yet you declared war,
    Each knock you gave me made me stronger than before,
    I will not give up,
    I will not give in,
    You won’t make me fall,
    I won’t let you win.

    – Emma Jackson

  5. K.Moreno says:

    in springtime trees bud

    through summer grow and flourish

    dying every fall

    By Jalbert

  6. S. Mendoza says:

    The most wasted of all days is one without laughter

    – E.E Cummings

  7. E.CruzCruz says:

    Lessons from ants.
    Ants share everything they fine.
    What we human do? We hide.
    Ants keep themselves busy doing something.
    We keep ourselves doing nothing.
    Ants always find a way round obstacles.
    We just panic and freeze like pop-sickles.
    They carry objects bigger than their size.
    We even don`t want to build our muscles, are we wise?

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