Feb 17 2014

Welcome to the world of Lina ramona Vitkauskas’ poetic brain. Featured here is the winning poem for the inaugural poetry competition of Ping-Pong, journal of literature and arts published by the Henry Miller Memorial Library. The challenge here is to write an imitation of this beautiful piece. And thank-you Lina for playing along!

We Can Be Heroes
You are the rodent,

an open window.

A man is but a product of his thoughts.

Be regulated                but not homogenized.

You know the tightrope trick.

Everyone plays it like Slinky or derivatives.

Stretched out—but you cannot see

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Feb 12 2014

The bed we shared is kelp is kelp is kelp
on a foot of rock.

Your stomach
my spine in the year of water.

At night we rippled beneath the year of a tide
pulling us apart.

All the clarity
a marine layer gives you. Clarity

is your stomach
my spine in the bed of salt.

© Maria Garcia Teutsch

Originally published in the Valentine’s Issue, Vol. II here: Everyday is Valentine’s
and here: Poetry Foundation


Feb 7 2014

L’Affaire de Dieu

Je mets ma chaussette dans ma chaussure de Dieu,

marche au travail sur l’eau

divine, je berce mes hanches de Dieu

aux Muddy Waters dans ma tête,

bleus comme la mer écartée.

Je suis

merde d’ours, pas plus, pas moins

je suis Ellla Fitzgerald dans la douche


je fais bulles aux cheveux avec savon de Dieu

chaque mèche chante comme chorale

je me sens Dieu qui coule au bas de ma jambe

dans le tuyau d’écoulement en argent dans mon jardin de derrière

s’infiltre dans les racines

envoie en haut une pousse

je suis une collectionneuse pour Dieu

un pin Lodgepole

(on dira, «regardez comme elle grandit tant droit»)

je ferai passer mon assiette de pomme de pin,

la remplirai avec manzanita, pennyroyal, lupin

et l’offrirai à Dieu

où elle sera portée sur le vent

qui serra à une tornade

démolira ma maison enchaînée

me soufflera à l’endroit

où je trouverai mon bébé

endormi par le fleuve

sur un oreiller de roseau

en bavant la bave de Dieu

je le réveille alors que je l’essuie

et je suis


avec cette affaire de Dieu.


© Maria Garcia Teutsch

Feb 3 2014

Recently I asked my creative writing students to do this exercise: Begin by remembering a particular song and then say what you were doing the first time you heard that song. It helps if it’s one of your favorites. Here’s one of mine:

by Maria Garcia Teutsch

Many people whose opinion I admire say that Radiohead’s lyrics are weak. Not so, mon frère. Radiohead is composed of mad genius poets. Their lyrics do stand up on the page, though admittedly an entirely new form of language is created when joined with their music and Thom’s warbling. I chose “Idioteque” at random knowing I wanted something off of Kid A. There is an homage to Dadaist poetry on this album, and the band has admitted to using this method of cutting up lyrics and arranging the songs by drawing words out of a hat. As a poet and editor, I find this immensely satisfying. There is even a made up word in “Idioteque:” skwrking, at least in the lyrics I’ve found. Read More >