Aug 1 2014

Best cheese I’ve ever eaten is in the Allgäu in the German Alps. We hiked up to the top of the mountain and stayed here:



You can either take a gondola to the top or hike in. Most folks hike from outpost to outpost.


Each night we fell asleep to the sound of cowbells and rain. Read More >

Aug 1 2014

The Frog

I sit on a boulder in the Trinity River and try to make peace with my fear of bears out here.  I will leave it with the tadpoles around my ankles, speckled stones, tall grass, and the frog’s eyes just above the surface.

I will try to sit in stillness like that frog. Watch water rush over fallen firs, duck my head to avoid a swallowtail flying into me.   I eye a garter snake swimming S’s, a lizard

in a redwood shadow.  There are greater fears out there, a child’s death, the pink mist of a terrorist.  The river deafens all sound.  Except rapids, the croak of a frog, and what can only be the splash of a paw.

Photo Credit: Robert Mapplethorpe

originally published in The Monterey Poetry Review