Sep 22 2014

What the Condor Saw on Partington Ridge

At the edge–
            spotted stones
                        and roiling kelp.
The day facets me in its diamond.
            Wind-chimes are silent,
Buddha’s stone head bows.
A gap in the fence could tell–
                                       mouth opens,
               closes on a dahlia,
on a rosebush stripped to thorns.
A beheaded sunflower stem
holds a hummingbird’s silhouette.
Bees comb and primp the blonde sky.
            Waves fall down–
spotted stones
and roiling kelp.
        Shadows slink and slip
with the earth’s music.
                    With a mouth full of stones, I sing.


Written on limited edition postcards for the inauguration of the Days and Nights Festival on the occasion of Philip Glass’s birthday.


Sep 10 2014

Ping-Pong, the journal of art and literature published by the Henry Miller Memorial Library, is pleased to announce the winner of its second annual poetry contest, Mark Lamoureux. His poem, “Summerhenge, Winterhenge,” was chosen by judge, David Shapiro from among many entries. His poem will be featured in the upcoming issue of Ping-Pong set for release in October 2014. “Spaceship Bodhisattva” is Lamoureux’s poem from the 2011 issue of Ping-Pong. Read More >