Dec 22 2014

Best of lists are always subjective and this one even more so. This list refers only to 2014 and it should in no way be perceived of as a best of ever list (unless noted).

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Dec 8 2014

It was the year of islands–palms waving a welcome of boats on the wide Malacca Strait, smacking the water’s blue face, hello. Island of rock and wind and three-digit weather. Read More >

Dec 7 2014

Ladies and Gentleman,

I’d like to introduce you to the collection, Talking Doll, by J. Hope Stein, published by Dancing Girl Press. What is wrought here in this collection is Genesis and the Big Bang birthing a corporate reality where everything and nothing is co-opted. First published in the 2012 issue of Ping-Pong, “The Invention of the Talking Doll,” is an example of what I am talking about: Read More >

Dec 7 2014
Dec 6 2014

Sometimes you don’t have to travel far from our own back yard to find a special place. Fifteen years ago when I moved out to California I began to visit the Henry Miller Memorial Library with my toddler. Then I began to bring my poetry classes there, and then I joined the board and then…

Flash forward to today. I now serve as President of the board of the Henry Miller Memorial Library. The Library needs your help to continue to carry on.

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Dec 5 2014