May 29 2015

Presto Manifesto




space bend



Greater forces

We guess

two dots

three spirals

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May 29 2015

I wrote this lyrical meditation piece about the suicides at Foxconn a few years back. Today a friend sent me this link about poems written by Chinese Factory worker Xu Lizhi. This poem is also in the current issue of Local Nomad and can be found by clicking here. Read More >

May 9 2015

To read the full edition of fall 2016 Homestead Review click here!

Featured Poets:

Jeffrey Alfier

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May 8 2015

Laurie Anderson’s Yodel

In the early 80’s I heard Laurie Anderson sing “yodel-a-he-hoo, Big Science . . .” and have been possessed by the refrain every since. I had no idea at the time she would become the multimedia goddess she is today. I didn’t know she’d take me with her into the endless universe of her art, with the admonition, “don’t forget your mittens.”

Since that time electronic music has found its way into the mainstream and, as often happens, has often been watered down to a barely palatable mush. Laurie has kept pushing the limits of her art by simultaneously interacting with and reinterpreting popular culture through her shows. Each performance is a singular experience because she is attuned to her audience. She reminds us of the limitless capacity for creation we each have as individuals while awakening our collective mindfulness.

You cannot help but be present at one of Laurie’s shows. I often look out at the sea of faces filled with silent “O’s”: it is not so much awe or worship, it is the recognition of the boundless possibilities inherent in each of us.

Universe: E=mc2

Art: Laurie Anderson = (strangeness + beauty)music

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Maria Garcia Teutsch

President, Henry Miller Memorial Library

Editor-in-chief, Ping-Pong Publications

(Original program note for Laurie Anderson’s concert at the Henry Miller Memorial Library July 26, 2005, signed for my son).

“It was sublime to play in the mist under the gigantic trees.
One of the most beautiful and spiritual places in the world.”
– Laurie Anderson about the Henry Miller Memorial Library.



May 7 2015

Sunlight is not enough
for the carnivorous
A mottled hood covers
the red-veined throat. Compost
at the bottom of its fluted stem
once played host to grasshoppers,
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