Sep 6 2015

This month’s featured poet, Joanna Fuhrman asks, among other questions “the meaning of the space/between the prongs of the unplugged iron?” What shouldn’t we allow in? In this age of surveillance and sophistry, what remains sacred? What profane? Does one bleed into another? Is all the world a stage? and if so, then must we let everyone watch? Where do we locate the real? Post a poem, video or story that reveals that every elusive commodity: truth. Yeah, I know you’re thinking about John Keats right now, we know what he has to say about truth, but what do YOU, tiny human giant, have to say? Read More >

Sep 3 2015

Judge’s Citation: Heather McHugh

The Revolution Will Have Its Sky
by Maria Garcia Teutsch

The revolution will have its sky—where else might its banner wave, aloft,
esteemed–and still be widely legible? In order for us to discern what otherwise the sight alone can’t catch, impulses appropriate letters, airs take shape, the wind turns signs to tatters, tatters to signs. The author of these poems keeps an eye not on a single great celestial value, but on the human disposition to scrips, emblems, notes, names, lists: The scores we keep. Read More >