Nov 25 2015


her stuffed purse shut

as she struts away.

Boots echo off mirrors

of mirrors. Stripes drip on

wood. The judge wants

screaming. The chandelier

collides with the night in

a brothel trick, which is a

mirror trick, which is one long funeral trick.


“This poetry isn’t out to convert, but to advert. It doesn’t pledge allegiance or invest in transcendent causes, but rather observes signs of war, wars of sex, hexes of communication. It won’t hallow a transparency; it won’t turn away from an execution. This work’s occasions are implicated in its materials: with trompes l’oeil, jacks and johns, sleights of hand, this poetry registers some serious claims and obligations. Seeing illusions attached to engagements, uses to ubiquities, profanities to idealism, privates to a general, The Revolution Will Have Its Sky reminds us enlistees (whether in grays or blues, whether in wishes or words, whether in war or love) how down-and-dirty signing up can be.” –Contest judge Heather McHugh

2014-Minerva Rising-helping women tell their stories and tell them well.

photo by: Stewart Ferebee

Nov 16 2015

The Revolution Will Have its Sky


Veils of mirrors in tatters,

all the shattered bits inside a tiny

diamond. The revolution will have its sky.

Stripes and gold fringes demand a whore

queen trick. If you fasten a collection

of decorations to a uniform

you can give last orders

to last men. The eternal song

can prolong the funeral trick

but for a moment. The revolution

demands a tribute trick, just as a bullet

demands a target trick, and the masses

their reluctant-whore-queen trick,

which is one long brothel trick.


This is the title piece of my collection, The Revolution Will Have its Sky. I am horrified at the deaths that have taken place, how many innocents are killed throughout our world, most recently in Beirut, Paris, and at Kenyan State University, to name but a few. My collection has a lot to say about who’s ultimately responsible.



Nov 12 2015

Jesse Goodman has been producing benefit concerts for the Henry Miller Memorial Library since he brought Patti Smith there in 2004. The past few years he has been bringing poets in as the opening acts of these shows, which as you can imagine, pleases us here in the Republik of poets to no end. This year he is bringing in legendary San Francisco poet, David Meltzer to open for Pink Martini in this year’s benefit on December 8th at the Golden State Theatre in Monterey, California. Get your tickets baby, they’re going fast . . . So, to honor Jesse’s mad genius we are featuring his story as well as poems by David Meltzer and his wife, the poet Julie Rogers. Scroll down for his story, but first: the poets. Enjoy. Read More >

Nov 7 2015

The Box Trick

You think to yourself, “I don’t have to feel this way at Christmas.”
Cancel the party, sit at home and gorge on comté, gruyere and cambozola
with your son, he in a small sailor suit, you in something pink and slinky.

A thousand twinkle lights of indecision, the snowman in the snow globe
flies until he smashes against the wall. You read the fake snow
on your floor like tea leaves.

You think, “I will leave and take my son.”
Pack his yellow dump truck, Birds of America book,
and a Hotwheel case you’ll later use as a purse.

In your new yard finches bounce from branch to branch, and soon
you stop cutting the backs of your thighs like lunchmeat.

You think, “the horror show is over.”
No more getting in the box to see how many knives
can be plunged into you before you’re dead.

Float on the small petunias of your freedom.
The perfume of the yellow red roses with the black tips
proves you were right to pack your feathered skirt and leave.

by: Maria Garcia Teutsch

Published by If and Only If: A journal of body image and eating disorders