May 6 2016

Shooting by breastfeeding mother latest case of self-defense


in an amendment

to the second amendment

breast milk will replace guns–

daisies to replace bullets,

and mother’s will keep their sons.



Forthcoming publication in Poetry International

May 6 2016

Pamela Sneed asks, who will pray for us now America? And I find myself asking the same question. During the last election cycle I was an ex-pat living in a Muslim country. Now, in this current election cycle, I’m wondering why we aren’t talking about the real issues in America: racial inequality; the climate crisis; violence against women, against children, against the poor, the old; educational reforms; the list goes on and on. What issues concern you? Please feel free to post a poem of injustice here, write your own, or post one of your favorites. Be bold, like Pamela here, your voice matters. The second offering here is “The Sweet Miracle of Whitney,” which Pamela has been thinking of a lot lately in light of the untimely death of Prince. So for Whitney and for Prince, we make the only offering poets can, our words…

For Sandra Bland

I had just begun to relax
celebrate the marriage equality ruling Read More >