Jul 1 2017

Mirrors in the Gutters

Skyscrapers and the dead.
Breath is exhaust fumes and dirt.

I am sloth-like through deciduous maples.
Rain rivulets straight and black like daddy’s

belt, children yell in the street.
Mirrors in the gutters.

An old boyfriend’s memory kicks me,
follows me into the alley.

His kiss, an ending, I should have fucked him,
then told his memory to go away,

instead I say, “let’s find my mother’s lost breasts,
let’s staple them back where they belong.”

© Maria Garcia Teutsch

Photo Credit: Francesca Woodman


6 Responses to Mirrors in the Gutters
  1. B.Alejo says:

    You wonder if you will feel less empty hearted.
    You wonder to yourself who holds the match to start that fire.
    You’re tired of running and losing your breath.
    You want to hold tight to something that will help you once again enjoy the journey into lives amazing treks.
    You want to feel that every day can be better than the last.
    You want to turn your lost soul feeling into a thing of your past…..

    -Randall Pela

  2. Mosqueda J. says:

    Don’t try to make it seem like we’re some foolish youth
    Throwing away our lives, but we’re searching for the truth
    Don’t need authority/rules while we go unheard
    See there isn’t any crime using herbs

  3. V.Ramirez says:

    Im going in 2 this not knowing what i’ll find

    but I’ve decided 2 follow my heart and abandon my mind

    and if there be pain I know that at least I gave my all

    and it’s better to have loved and lost than 2 not love at all

    in the morning I may wake 2 smile or maybe 2 cry

    but first to those of my past I must say goodbye

    – Tupac Shakur

  4. H. Harmon says:

    By myself.
    Without a pair.
    Just me.
    And my friend in the mirror.

  5. M. Martinez says:

    These unusual conversations with strangers are interesting enough in a day.
    Walking in a park alone doesn’t have to be boring.
    Look around.
    Appreciate nature and being young
    and alive.

  6. S. Mendoza says:

    Waking up next you

    I see you smile that ridiculously dorky smile

    And I think to myself forever and a day and longer to infinity and beyond would be wonderful

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