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Poet Republik Ltd is dedicated to writers, artists, and thinkers. We are interested in eco-poetics, feminist elegies, two-headed wolf poems and a variety of anti-authoritarian and/or anarchist ideologies and etc. We are committed to publishing the best of what’s out there, regardless of what form it takes: poetry, prose, manifestos. We are based in California, Brooklyn and Berlin. We don’t think a world series should only have two countries involved and keep that name. We like a world view that includes perspectives other than our own.

We publish because we believe what you have to say matters, and if you do not say it exactly as you want to, it will not exist in this world. So say it. We are listening.  

We are not interested in the cult of the popular.

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And keep writing! It is most important for your voice to be heard.

Open submission period now through December 30th! Send us your chapbook (20-28 pages), your manuscript 48-80 pages, or novella (under 100 pages).  Submit here

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Occasionally, I Remove Your Brain Through your Nose

“A perfect book of poems for the contemplative weirdo.” —Lena Dunham

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Invitation to a Rescue

Invitation to a Rescue by Kate Lutzner is a poetry book “forged from a steely endurance, wrought in the delicacy of language, there is an urgency to the poems in Invitation to a Rescue that propels the reader forward.” –Dorianne Laux

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Limited edition Pussy T-shirts, back by popular demand

A few years ago we printed up a few T-shirts based on the cover of my book which I loved: Pussy, poems about things you think are pornographic. The cover was created by Michael Willis, who’s been my friend since I was 14 years old. We met in photography class. He has done the covers for all of my books and I am always enthralled by his imagistic interpretation of my poetry. I pretty much gave away all of these shirts, so if you have one it means I love you.

Now I have been asked by a bunch of folks where I can get one of these pussy shirts. Here: www.poetrepublik.com. Move quickly, they will sell out and when they do, that’s it.


Pussy, poems about things you think are pornographic

What does “Pussy” mean?  On the playground, it means wimp; in the bedroom, it means female genitalia.  But to many feminists, and many women who ground their work in a sense of pride about the female body, “pussy” is a call to arms, a in-your-face riot-grrl exclamation about purely bad-ass female experience.  Maria Garcia Teutsch’s Pussy: Poems About Things You Think are Pornographic, uses the idea of the feminine “pussy” and the female self to sculpt carefully, wildly, delicately made poems that make being a woman and having a voice both a kind of resistance and kind of opening, a kind of violence, and a kind of seduction. With beautiful, strange and unique images, structures and language, Teutsch’s poems are mini-manifestos of feminine experience and feminine power.

Christine Hamm, author, Echo Park

French/English translation


Street art decorative stickers

10 Pack of Poet Republik Stickers to adorn the world!

Reykjavik, Iceland

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