Dec 21 2017

Poetry Series as Chant for the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (Day 11)

Propaganda and the Alphabet

1) In my ear they whisper their depraved, bourgeois party line:

Out of the blind cunt of light

who will propagandize the alphabet?

There are no letters left

just worms against the snow

about the blind cunt of light.


2) Invisible people sweep the floors, get the coffee

I drink a cup of freedom with one hand,

while the other’s handcuffed to the flag

of a nation of cowbirds.

We steal nests, kick eggs out

onto pine needle blankets,

watch embryos splatter night.


3) Ideological commitments

Manifestos are marks against white.

I can glean more meaning from

pigeon droppings under the highway

where my sister sleeps,

curled beneath newspapers.

Maria Garcia Teutsch

This poetry series started 11 days before the passage of the so called, “Tax Reform Bill,” which, amongst other atrocities, opened up the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge for oil drilling. Thus violating the sanctity of native lands, and expediting the extinction of species already under threat due to climate change. The poetry series as chant has now been taken down so that I can work on the poems for an upcoming print version. Please stand by. Up next: Poetry Series as Chant for Mexican Immigrants living in the United States.

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