Dec 11 2017

Poetry Series as chant for the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

As the year comes to its close I feel compelled to write a series of poems each day until the end of the year as protest against the impending pillage of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.


The snow geese
litter the sky,
like wadded up
copy paper
tossed from airplanes.

The musk oxen
circle their young,
like the Amazonian tribespeople
who shoot
arrows at airplanes.

Airplanes litter the sky,
like crumpled
aluminum cans
thrown away
by bored gods.

Caribou in their thousands
clog the Yukon,
and salmon slap about,
watching cruise liners migrate.

The foxes of “secluded” Fox Island
prance across the stage,
change coats, zodiacs zip
like harpoons from cruise liners.

The oil rigs are coming to suckle
on the fertile breast
of native lands
without consent.

I rattle my spear
at their bulldozers.
I rattle my spear
at their tanks.

I’ll rattle my spear
til they cut out my tongue,
or until overrun
by their ranks.

In 2017 10,000 snow geese died in a toxic lake or “open pit mine” in Montana.








2 Responses to Poetry Series as chant for the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge
  1. Maria, I love that you’re doing this. Can I share on our Minerva Rising page?

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