Occasionally, I Remove Your Brain Through your Nose

“A perfect book of poems for the contemplative weirdo.” —Lena Dunham

“J. Hope Stein’s poetry is inspired. Thick, playful, rewarding and true.” —Pete Holmes

“J. Hope Stein is one of my favorite poets–her images are outrageously vivid and memorable. Her music is alive, is unpredictable, is tender, is voracious. She updates the music of a great poet—say, John Berryman—into the 21st century, making the bard alive again, making the voice bristle with a verbal energy in this moment in time. But she is a poet all her own–unlike anyone else–writing a kind of music in which “the sky/drools sweetly to the ear” with sound that is full of emotion, full of erotic, ecstatic, essential moments: “I’m listening to Beethoven/…music swells/as it disappears into my pelvis.”

This is the kind of music that can take our most domestic moments–in which two people find themselves bewildered, and yet inseparable, in love–and see how they “act as two animals holding invisible balloons.” This music teaches us that our domestic joys, perhaps, are our last defense.

J. Hope Stein uses this defense of music, this shield of verbal art, against our moment’s ugliest creatures: “The steel men. The financiers. The patrons/of the petroleum arts,” and other kinds of trash, Donald Trump first in line among them. This poet knows that a time comes when only music and sensuality can still protect the soul. A time comes when there is no more time for the trivial. And she gives us the incredible energy, incredible verve of such saving music.  Like I said, one of my favorite poets.” —Ilya Kaminsky, author of Dancing in Odessa and the forthcoming Deaf Republic.

Occasionally I Remove Your Brain through Your Nose is a gem, in turns just as serious and as playful as the title suggests.” Review by Cheyanne Gustason for New Pages here.

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Occasionally, I Remove Your Brain Through your Nose, by J. Hope Stein. She is the author of the chapbooks Talking Doll (Dancing Girl Press), Mary (Hyacinth Girl Press) and Corner Office (H_ngm_n). Her poems are published or forthcoming in Lenny Letter, Verse, HTML Giant, Tarpaulin Sky, Everyday Genius, Ping-Pong, Talisman, and Poetry International. She is also the editor of poetrycrush.com and the author of the poetry/humor site eecattings.com. $15 includes tax and shipping.

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