Nov 11 2017

Ways to Divert Rainwater

Ways to Divert Rainwater

First, shellac your wide-brimmed hat
with the upturned edges.
Affix it with tubes attached
to bottles on your belt. Go out
in the rain.  Feel mud suck
your toes, gravity slurp laces,
tongues flap cotton fields
riven by rain. Build scaffolds
for your shoes. Go inside, take tea,
empty the bottles that remain
and go again out in the rain.

Build your roof in the shape
of a funnel. Attach a metal
pipe to an underground aqueduct.
Fill your tub, affix your purple octopus
with the suction cups to the side.
Perhaps some pink bubbles.
Dry yourself, then place plush
yellow terry towel on tree branches
you arranged outside your window.
Wait for the sun’s diagonal slant.
Take tea and contemplate
thirty-eight proposals for a steep slope
for gathering rainwater. Be the splash.
Be the splash you want to make.

Originally published in The Cafe Review

Photo Credit: Stewart Ferebee


6 Responses to Ways to Divert Rainwater
  1. B. Alejo says:

    She had blue skin.
    And so did he.
    He kept it hid
    And so did she.
    They searched for blue
    Their whole life through,
    Then passed right by –
    And never knew.
    -Shel Silverstien

  2. MiChavez says:

    Sick and feverish
    Glimpse of cherry blossoms
    Still shivering.

    ~ Ryunosuke Akutagawa

  3. M. Ayaay says:

    To early coffee-stands.
    With the other masquerades
    That time resumes,
    One thinks of all the hands
    That are raising dingy shades
    In a thousand furnished rooms.

    -T.S. Eliot

  4. H. Harmon says:

    Hold a pale above your head
    Splish, Splash
    Fill the tub, for the bath again.

  5. M. Martinez says:

    Living our own lives,
    I know you think of me sometimes
    I’m sorry to say they are just memories
    It never happened and never will.
    -Happy Birthday V

  6. S. Mendoza says:

    The sinking feeling in my stomach will never leave; the nightmares push me further away. If you love me prove it now or watch me as I drown

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